Remembering Mark

Mark's co-workers at Oceanville wanted an area to sit and remember Mark while enjoying a cup of coffee or eating lunch. We created this as part of our many beautiful displays, complete with a working fireplace, two water fountains...a saxophone & a guitar...both of which Mark played along with Piano and concert Bass. The Wilted Flower was recreated in marble mosaic painstakingly carved by our friend AG, Anthony Giamonna, which we inserted onto the fireplace. A four foot diameter of the same flower was created by PaverArt and was installed in the Pavingstones between the benches. The Wilted Flower represents Mark's belief that we must find our self worth and move forward through the challenges that test us often in our lives. Mark, as a younger pre-teen, was so moved by this poignant scene from the animated film "The Brave Little Toaster" that he had it tattooed on his arm. The beautiful trellis above will have lush hanging flower baskets and carry wisteria vines in time. It was built by other friends Francis and Sidney Smith. The magnificent fireplace was meticulously built by Oceanville's own Carlo Falco and is a work of art in itself. In the window there is a backlighted oval sign of Mark riding his beloved motorcycle, donated by Valley Signs. Below the sign is a portrait of Mark and at the bottom there is a monitor projecting a continuous slideshow depicting Mark's positive impact in our world all throughout his brief 20 years life. Thank you to all his friends that made this possible

Oceanville Sidewalk display
Oceanville Sidewalk display 3
Oceanville Sidewalk display 1
Oceanville Sidewalk display 6
Oceanville Sidewalk display 8
Oceanville Sidewalk display 5
Oceanville Sidewalk display 4
Oceanville Sidewalk display 7
Oceanville Sidewalk display 9